Anti-Tinubu Forces Behind Protests Against Matawalle – Group

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The recent protests against the minister of state for defence, Bello Mohammed Matawalle, has been described by the Northern Stakeholders Consultative Forum as a tactic employed by anti-Tinubu forces.
Secretary General of NSCF, Comrade Daniel Yakubu, said in a statement that those individuals are restless as a result of the increasing political influence of Matawalle.
According to Comrade Yakubu, the protests are not a spontaneous grassroots movement but rather a calculated move by figures who are feeling threatened by the increasing political influence of Matawalle.
The NSCF emphasised that the protests are a desperate tactic employed by those afraid of losing their grip on power in the face of Matawalle’s rising prominence, saying the intense rivalry and power struggle within the political arena were indicative of the high stakes involved in the upcoming political landscape, where alliances shift and rivalries intensify.




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