AI Fuelling Phishing Attacks Globally – NITDA

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The National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) has averred that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is fuelling phishing attacks as fraudsters have become more adept at using AI technologies in their phishing attempts.
Phishing attacks involve manipulating individuals into opening an infected email attachment, clicking on a malicious link, or giving up sensitive information, such as usernames and passwords or bank information.
In its most recent public alert, NITDA posited that AI now enables attackers to thoroughly investigate their targets and craft individualized messages to deceive them into disclosing critical personal data.
Since user account credentials can be used to access both personal and corporate networks, they are attractive targets for hackers, the Agency stated, while disclosing that attackers now most frequently utilize email-based phishing attacks to gain user credentials.
“Lately, these bad actors have taken things up a notch by leveraging Al to improve the sophistication of their attack approaches. This involves using Al to conduct thorough research on potential victims and creating personalized messages to effectively deceive them into divulging sensitive information. This advanced approach shows how phishing attacks are getting more sophisticated and finding new ways to catch people off guard,” NITDA stated.
Speaking on preventive measures, NITDA advised Nigerians to be careful about the emails they open and the links they click on.
Nigerians should make an effort not to enter their personal information on any website that they do not trust, the Agency advised.
NITDA also recommended that businesses and people participate in ongoing education to stay informed about potential phishing risks, while urging Nigerians to notify the appropriate national authorities of any such incidences.




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