Abdullahi Tumburkai Wins PDP Primary Election, Secures Nomination For Katsina Council Election

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Abdullahi Usman Tumburkai has on Wednesday 15/05/2024 triumphed in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) primary election, earning the party’s nomination for the upcoming Katsina Local Government election as the candidate for Dandume Local Government Chairmanship.

Expressing his gratitude for the support received, Abdullahi stated, “I am deeply honored and humbled by the trust and confidence placed in me by the members of our party. This victory is a testament to the hard work and dedication of everyone involved in our campaign.”

Throughout the primary campaign, Abdullahi focused on critical issues such as insecurity, education, healthcare, and agricultural development, promising to address these important sectors if elected. As the PDP nominee, Abdullahi Usman Tumburkai is committed to representing the interests and concerns of all constituents and working tirelessly to bring positive change to Dandume Local Government.

The successful outcome of the primary election highlights the strong grassroots support Abdullahi Usman Tumburkai has garnered. From volunteers to donors, the campaign has been bolstered by the energy and enthusiasm of countless individuals who share a vision for a better Dandume.

Looking ahead to the general election, Abdullahi remains steadfast in his commitment to tackling insecurity, improving education, and enhancing healthcare.

With the backing of party members and constituents alike, prominent supporters such as Hon Abdulaziz Tijjani Dandume, Alhaji Ubale Dandume, Alhaji Danfoloti Dandume, Hon Hamisu Garkuwa, and Local Government Party Chairman Alhaji Danlami Dandume are confident in Abdullahi’s ability to lead and deliver results for the people of Dandume Local Government.



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