‘Govt, Church Must Care For The Elderly’

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The Senior Pastor, Glorious Liberty Church (GLC) Global, Richard Osanaiye, has challenged government at all levels and the church to prioritise social welfare programmes that will take care of the widows and the elderly in Nigeria.
He spoke in Abeokuta, Ogun State, during distribution of food items and free medical service to over 1,500 widows and the elderly organised by the GLC Global in collaboration with the Beth -help foundation.
The cleric said there is the need for the government to provide homes and take good care of the senior citizens most especially those who do not have children to fend for them.
“I think there should be a system where such people attend to, maybe a kind of a house where you keep old people who do not have people to attend to them. They are senior citizens. They can’t work and some of them do not have children to take care of them.
“In the Bible, the Bible recorded that everybody that has old people or widows should take care of them. But the ones that don’t have people to take care of them, the church takes care of them,” Osanaiye said.
He said the GLC Global has a vision to be a blessing to the less privileged
The pastor explained that the food items and free medical care were meant to give hope to people and put a smile on their faces.
He said “We reached out to over 1500 persons. We gave them food, we gave them clothes, and we gave them free medical services. So, we gave free medical services to almost 400 to 500 patients. And everybody had food. About 1500 people had food. We gave them rice, we gave them beans, we gave them spaghetti, we gave them noodles. We reached out to children also, and we also do it again.
“Then everybody, we minister to them. Anybody who needs counsel, we give them counseling.
“It’s so important for the church to do this because for me, as a leader, I think I point the direction for people to go. All I needed to do is just to stand on the altar and encourage people to be a blessing to others. The Bible recorded to us that we are safe to do good works. We know good works don’t save us, but we are safe to do good works. So with that, we win souls.”



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