382 Artillery Regiments Launched Sem-permanent Accommodation In Gusau

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By Hussaini Yero Gusau

In a bid to boost the welfare and operational capacity of the Nigerian Army, the 382 Artillery Regiment’s new semi-permanent accommodation was officially commissioned today at the Nigerian Army Cantonment in Gusau, Zamfara State.

The Brigade Commander 1 Brigade Nigerian Army Gusau, Brigadier General Sani Ahmed, in his keynote address, expressed gratitude to the Chief of Army Staff for the continued efforts to improve the living conditions of army personnel.

“The completion of this semi-permanent accommodation is a testament to the relentless efforts of the Chief of Army Staff to enhance troop welfare, thereby boosting the moral component of the fighting power of the Nigerian Army,” he stated.

General Ahmed emphasized the importance of providing adequate facilities for officers and soldiers, noting that such improvements are vital for maintaining high morale and operational efficiency.

“The Nigerian Army is currently combating various security challenges, and it is essential that our troops are adequately equipped and accommodated,” he said. He also highlighted the Chief of Army Staff’s philosophy of transforming the Nigerian Army into a well-trained, equipped, and highly motivated force capable of fulfilling its constitutional responsibilities within a joint environment.

General Ahmed urged the personnel to reciprocate by dedicating themselves to the fight against banditry and other security threats, while upholding professionalism and competence.

Lieutenant Colonel Urukwe Ando provided a brief history of the 382 Artillery Regiment and its strategic importance. He outlined the Regiment’s establishment under the Nigerian Army Order of Battle 2016, initially proposed to support 8 Division in Gusau but later operationalized in Monguno due to counter-terrorism efforts.

“The creation of the 382 Artillery Regiment was authorized by the Chief of Army Staff on December 4, 2023, to address the shortfall of artillery support within 8 Division’s area of operations,” Lt. Col. Ando explained.

He acknowledged the challenges of counter-banditry operations and reaffirmed the Regiment’s commitment to providing effective fire support. “This new accommodation not only provides a physical space for our officers and soldiers to rest and recharge but also serves as a sanctuary that enhances their well-being, fostering a sense of belonging and unity,” he added.

Lt. Col. Ando thanked various contributors, including the Chief of Army Staff, the General Officer Commanding 8 Division, and the Director of Housing at Army Headquarters. He also commended Brigadier General Ahmed and the construction team for their unwavering support and dedication.

However, Brigadier General Ahmed urged all personnel to maintain the new facilities diligently. “Your maintenance culture should be top-notch to preserve the functionality and aesthetic of the camp,” he advised.

Both speakers expressed optimism that the new accommodations would serve as a symbol of pride and progress for the Nigerian Army, enhancing its operational readiness and morale.

The ceremony was graced by distinguished military leaders, including the Commander of 1 Brigade, Brigadier General S. Ahmed, and the Commanding Officer of the 382 Artillery Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Urukwe Ando, Chief of Staff 1 Brigade among others.


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