2023 Hajj: Sheikh Muhajjadina Commends Nigerians Performance, Seeks Welfare Improvement

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By Bello Hamza, Abuja

The leader of Astrogists in Africa, Sheikh Muhajjadina Sani Kano, has described the Nigerian’s performance at Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for 2023 Hajj as impressive, saying there is need for the National Hajj Commission to improve the welfare standard of the pilgrims.

Sheikh Kano made these remarks in a statement made available to LEADERSHIP, saying he was encouraged by the event of this year’s Hajj operation as outstanding.

“I can attest to the fact that Nigerians performed their Hajj rites without any problem, they followed due process in performing their Hajj rites. Even though there were some mistakes here and there but Alhamdulillah this year’s Hajj was a success. People from all over the world performed the Hajj together without any discrimination.

“My advice to the National Hajj Commission is; they should improve the welfare standard of our pilgrims. We already had a problem of missing some of the pilgrims. It is really pathetic seeing a grown up old man moving around the street helplessly looking for fellow pilgrims from his state.

“I myself cannot count the number of times I help some pilgrims locate their camp. So my advise to them is they should increase the number of officials and the officials should be stationed in significant places where they can easily find and locate a pilgrim when he is missing.

“My second advise to them is they should also increase the number of religious leaders that teach the the pilgrims how to perform the Hajj rites. I came across many pilgrims that does not know how to perform some of the activities during Hajj. Most especially women. You will see some of them crying when we go into their tent teaching them how to perform the Hajj. So they should also do well to increase their number.

“Insecurity is a really disturbing issue that gives me sleepless nights. Every patriotic Nigerian is also concern about what is happening in Nigeria especially in northern Nigeria. May Almighty Allah give our new service chiefs the ability to discharge their duties, may he also give them the ability to bring back peace to region and our nation at large. We must also cooperate with security agencies and contribute our quota towards improvement of our nation’s security,” he said.

He further said that religious leaders (Astrologists) can also contribute immensely in fighting insecurity in our nation. In fact, they can be use as the main stone in fighting these saboteurs.

He said, “These saboteurs are using herbalists another so sayers in their quest. So I implore the government to also employ our service in fighting them. I assure you if the federal government request for our service in tackling insecurity, we will gladly advise them and Insha Allah if they implement our advise, Nigeria will be victorious in the fight against insecurity.

“Not only Security, Astrologists can help the government in administering every sector of the country. From Economy, Education, Insecurity, etc. There should be at least one astrologist in every government office. The astrologist will help in running the day-to-day affairs of the office. Other countries are employing our services and they are doing well, so we also want to contribute here in our country.

“At this, juncture I will advise the president, he is already doing well in his first days in office. So if he wants to continue with his good work he should employ our services. If he do that insha Allah he will succeed throughout his stay in office.

“Most of the countries we are envying are employing our services, so the president and other state government should seek for our advice, If they do that I assure you Insha Allah they will succeed in their activities.”


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