2023 Hajj Delegation Submits Report To Gov. Lawal, Recommends A Total Overhaul Of The Zamfara Hajj Commission (ZAHCOM)

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Governor Dauda Lawal, on Thursday, received a report from the Zamfara State Government delegation at the 2023 Hajj operations.

The report provides a comprehensive overview of the Zamfara State 2023 Hajj exercise, highlighting key achievements, challenges, and recommendations.

According to the spokesperson to the Governor, Sulaiman Bala Idris, the report was submitted by the chairman of the Zamfara State delegation to Saudi Arabia, Alhaji Musa Mallaha (Talban Gusau) at the Government House, Gusau.

He noted that the submitted report covers various aspects, including the organization of the Hajj exercise, committee membership, staff strengths, financial expenditures, and the verification of pilgrims’ deposits.

He said: “While receiving the report, Governor Lawal has reiterated his administration’s readiness to implement the recommendations made by the delegation, assuring that within the coming days, the government would take necessary actions.

“The Governor expressed great dismay on the actions of some staff of the Zamfara Hajj Commission (ZAHCOM) over misuse of pilgrims’ and public funds, including large numbers of missing pilgrims’ deposits and financial scandals.

“The delegation’s report highlighted notable achievements, including the successful airlifting of the 3102 pilgrims back to Nigeria, coordination with the Hajj Commission management, and the establishment of sub-committees that facilitated smooth operations.

“The report further acknowledges the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with a company providing services to Zamfara pilgrims, which includes transportation, provision of tents, and accommodation.

“Among the challenges reported by the delegation are the lack of proper documentation and record-keeping systems; and lack of compliance among LGAs.

“Other challenges include the poor scrutiny process, allowing criminals to participate in Hajj; issues with the BTA allowance, such as reduced amount and diversion of funds; as well as operations of numerous bank accounts, leading to confusion and potential misuse of funds.

“The report recommended a total overhaul of the Zamfara Hajj Commission (ZAHCOM).”


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