2023: Gombe LP Governorship Aspirant Promises to Solve Economy Problems, Address Insecurity

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By Bello Hamza, Abuja

The Gombe governorship aspirant under the platform of the labour party (LP), Hon Keftin Amuga, has promised to deliver inclusive and good governance to the good people’s of Gombe State.

Amuga stated this to our newsmen during a press conference organise by the labour party governorship candidate, in Abuja.

He stated that his vision is to redeemed and restored the oppressed people’s of Gombe State, if giving a mandate.

He explained that Gombe State which was created in 1996, is an amalgam of the former Gombe Natives Authority (NA) and the Tangled-Waja native authority, the entities we’re both created in 1935 by the British colonial master and giving equity status in accordance with their distinct historical and political antecedent. Adding that since the creations of Gombe State in 1996 now 26 years ago, we have observed the entrenchment of an institutionalized practice of discrimination against the citizens of the state on the basics on place origin, ethnicity and religious tolerance, job creations among the in the state.

“The discrimination is so much structure and practice by both PDP and APC government that have ruled the state for the past 26 years, that even citizens are even discriminated in the administration of ‘N’ power programmes, Poverty Alleviation intervention, political appointment, traditional institutions,

“This policy of discrimination extended to the appointment of our traditional leaders there by rubbishing the emage and respect our traditional leaders in the state. A case in the point is the appointment of successor to the stool of MAI Tangal after the death of his Royal highness Mai Abdul Buba the ll the 15th Mai Tangle.

It is important to state clearly that the Tangle traditional council have in past elected both Christian and Muslim persons as the MAI, Emirates not minding the Faiths of the contestants.

“I will sustain of our democratic institution, guarantee safety environment for the international investors, provide social basics amenities, solve our economy problem address insecurity, promote agriculture value chains, and secure job opportunities to our teeming youths that running across the across the state,” he said.

He therefore, urged all Nigerians to get all their PVCs, shun money politics which has over the years has been used by others politicians to lure and destroy the future of our children.



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