Zangon Kataf Killings: Association Calls For Deployment Of More Security

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 The Bandiraku Fulbe Youth Association of Nigeria, Kaduna Chapter, on Sunday called on Federal and Kaduna State Governments to deploy more security personnel to Zango Kataf and  surrounding communities to control attacks on communities.
According to him, Zango Kataf and surrounding communities are still under attack and many families are still trapped in villages, while those taking refuge in various bushes across the local government needs to be rescued.
“We urge the governments and well-meaning Non-Government Organisation to immediately mobilise resources and come to the aid of the victims of the attack.
”We also call on wealthy individuals to provide humanitarian services to displaced individuals, families and those who sustained injuries during the attack.
”Our  members should remain calm and law abiding and  cooperate with the relevant authorities in order to arrest the situation,” he said.
NAN recalled that the crisis started as a dispute between Atyap and Hausa farmers close to Zango town over a farmland.
The attacks and killings have continued sincd June 11, and many Fulbe communities and families are being subjected to violent attacks, he said.
Julde said: “so  far, we have received several distress calls and reports from numerous Fulbe individuals, families and communities recounting their ordeals, losses and deaths in the hands of their attackers.”
While the Association acknowledged the Government and Security agencies  efforts to calm the situation and rescue several individuals and families from the jaws of their
attackers, more needed to be done urgently, he added.
“We call on the government to deploy more security personnel to reinforce and compliment the ones already on ground who are apparently overwhelmed due to the
magnitude of the crises on ground.
NAN reports that the state government has imposed a 2424-hour curfew in the local government area to contain the situation.

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