TY Buratai Humanity Care Foundation Urges Nigerians to be Patient and Prayerful for the Tinubu’s Administration. 

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In a recent statement released by the TY Buratai Humanity Care Foundation, Nigerians have been urged to exercise patience and offer prayers for the Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s administration. The foundation emphasized the importance of laying a strong foundation for a house, noting that this is precisely what Tinubu and his team are currently doing.

The foundation, under the chairmanship of Ibrahim Dahiru Danfulani Sadaukin Garkuwan Keffi, expressed confidence that the hope and change Nigerians are eagerly anticipating will come. They called upon all citizens to exercise patience and understanding with the current administration.

The Grand Patron of the Foundation, His Excellency Amb (Lt Gen Rtd) Tukur Yusufu Buratai CFR, has consistently in the past emphasized the importance of unity among opposition parties and the Nigerian people as a whole, especially after elections have taken place. With the emergence of a winner who has been sworn into office, it becomes crucial for all Nigerians to come together and provide the necessary support to President Tinubu for the greater good of the country. This call for unity is a reminder that national interests should always take precedence over personal or sectional interests.

By rallying around and supporting the President, Nigerians can collectively work towards the development and progress of the nation. It is essential to set aside political differences and focus on the common goal of building a stronger and more prosperous Nigeria. This unity will not only strengthen the government but also create an environment conducive to effective governance and the implementation of policies that benefit all citizens.

Furthermore, the TY Buratai Humanity Care Foundation emphasized the need for the wealthier individuals in society to extend a helping hand to the less privileged. They highlighted the significance of humanitarian services such as free medical outreaches, educational scholarships, and organizing orientations in various fields. The foundation stressed that no government can fully satisfy its citizens without the support of the people. They encouraged both financial and moral support to assist one another.

The foundation also emphasized the unity of Nigeria and called upon citizens to be their brothers’ keepers and helpers. They acknowledged that this is a critical moment in Nigeria’s history, where the decision to embrace peace and unity or succumb to disintegration lies in the hands of the current generation.


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