Senator Akpabio Is My Choice For Senate Presidency—Fatima Muhammad Gwani

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Ambassador Dr. Fatima Muhammad Gwani is the Leader of the renown NGO ‘Grassroot for Better Initiative (GBNI), NGO that have membership across the 774 local government of the federal, has bear her mind on who she preferred to lead the 10th senate. This coming because of the hot contest that is taking place on the quest to claim the number 3 citizen of the country. Below is the transcript of her chat with our reporter Bello Hamza.

Ambassador Dr. Fatima Muhammad Gwani, in the next 7 days the 10th assembly will be inaugurated where Senator Godswill Akpabio and Senator Abdulaziz Yari are contesting for presidency of the Senate. What advise do you have for the senators especially on Senator Akpabio who you have been campaigning for?

Alhamdulillah, senator Akpabio is a good man. I know him between 2015 to 2019 and I know he is a good man. Alhamdulillah voting for him will be the best decision. Because he is a good man, he does not care about tribe or religion and he carry everyone along. Even in extreme poverty if you see him, he will look for a way to make you happy. Because of that it is a man like him that supposed to lead the Senate.

People are talking about Abdulaziz Yari some people will say you are from the North so you supposed to be seen supporting your brother from North.

No there is no room for tribalism or religion, he should also come and support Senator Akpabio. He is his friend; he is his colleague and they all serve as governors. Akpabio know Abdulaziz Yari well. He should back down so that there will be balance and we will be successful by God’s grace.

If by the Grace of God Senator Akpabio become the Senate President, what advice will you give him?

I will give him a good advice and he have listening ears. He also takes advice. So, as a leader of poor people in Nigeria I will advise him to help people and do justice between them. I will definitely advise him and he will take my advice.

People are of the opinion that if Akpabio and Tajuddeen become the Senate president and Speaker respectively there is tendency they will become a rubber stamp legislature?

Everybody come with his wisdom and if Allah give you the position he will also give you the wisdom and strategy. How will they become rubber stamp? If Allah give you position he will also give you the ability discharge the duties. I don’t think these people will become rubber stamp because Senator Akpabio was once a governor and he was a senator and also serve as a minister so it will be very difficult. But there are enemies, you can never please your enemies whatever you do they will look for a way to criticize you. May Almighty Allah deal with our enemies.

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