June 12: Separation Of Powers Essential For Development -Analysts

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Some analysts in Ebonyi, say the three arms of government, executive, legislative and judiciary, should be completely autonomous for significant grassroots development.
The analysts disclosed this on Friday in separate interviews with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), in Abakaliki on expectations from governments to mark Nigeria’s 2020 Democracy Day.
The 2020 celebration marked 21years of uninterrupted civilian administration in the country.
A Social Commentator, Mr John Okereke, said that real separation of powers would bring about the youth satisfaction, check urban migration and government presence would be felt at the rural level.
“Our major worry in this country is for all three tiers of government to gain autonomy.
“Where they will not rely on other authority for financial supports, things will go better.
“Absolute separation of power, checks and balances will make for meaningful development,” Okereke said.
Another analyst, Mr James Ede, also emphasised that local government areas were supposed to be responsible for providing market facilities, construction of roads, health centres and other amenities for rural communities.
Ede urged state governments to be sincere especially on issues that would benefit the citizens to accelerate development.
“(This is) especially on taskforce officials, government should issue strong warning that will address the way they deal with traders,” Ede said.
Mr George Nwafor, a resident, urged relevant authorities and governments to apply laws to matters especially on gender-based violence and human rights for prompt execution so that victims would get justice accordingly.
Nwafor also encouraged governments to improve on Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises support to accommodate more businesses with loan facilities to alleviate difficulty in setting up trades in the country.
He applauded state’s and federal government’s commitments to promoting agriculture but appealed for more focus toward alleviating sufferings of citizens in all aspects for betterment of the country.


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