Drug Abuse: Proliferation Of Sachet Intoxicants Regrettable -Expert

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Dr Ridwan Apaokadi of the Department of Family Medicine of the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital (UITH), has lamented the proliferation of intoxicants in sachets, making it easily accessible and affordable.

Apaokadi, who is also a cleric, made the observation during a Friday sermon in Ilorin, warning against the consumption of any type of intoxicant, as it is prohibited in Islam.

He noted that intoxicants were made in various forms, sizes and quantities, that they could be found in sachets, to enable the poor to afford them.

According to him, Islam denounces anything that is consumed and could alter the behaviour and intoxicate the individual.

The specialist in Family Medicine quoted the Qur’an as saying that “those who believe, intoxicants and gambling, idolatrous practices and divining with arrows are repugnant acts.

“These are Satan’s doing, shun them so that you may prosper,” the cleric advised.

He warned that with intoxicants and gambling, Satan was seeking to incite enmity and hatred among people and to stop them from remembering God and prayer.

Apaokadi observed that women were not left out, as they also consumed intoxicants that were found in many forms and sizes.

He reminded parents to beware of the dangers of social media on their children.

The cleric stated that a lot of juvenile delinquencies, especially rape cases, were perpetrated as a result of the content the youths were exposed to on social media, that had to do with free pornography websites.

According to him, children spend long hours browsing nothing but pornography on their phones while also having the ability to hide whatever they download on hidden applications.

He noted that the social media was filled with dangers and that as adults, we were able to process the information we got, rejected some and digested some.

Apaokadi, however, observed that children did not have a developed mental ability to process and reject some information that were detrimental to them.

The cleric said that the high rape cases currently being witnessed in Nigeria was an indication that the society had derailed.


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