Developmental Activities Of Kwankwaso Is A Lesson To Every Intelligent Person– Amb. Sameer Rufa’i Hanga

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By Ibrahim Muhammad Kano

National coordinator of “We move Kwankwasiyya” Hon.Ambassador Muhammad Sameer Rufa’i Hanga expressed their joy and gratitude to God for showing them this time their leader of Kwankwasiyya, the former Governor of Kano State, the former Minister of Defense of Nigeria, Senator Rabiu Musa Musa Kwankwaso has fulfilled 67 years old.

He explained that for every intelligent person, these years of the leader of Kwankwasiyya should be a lesson for him especially because of the good works he is doing every time his birthday comes around.

Adding that in this time there is something that has been done not only for the benefit of Kano or Nigeria alone for all Africa.He provide the schools for students who memories Qur’an to attend for two years to be issued with certificate after they graduate to work with it and best among them will be send to various University abroad to further study work for them.

Ambassador Muhammad Sameer said this is something that will never be forgotten in history from the good thinking leader Kwankwaso..

He added that from the things that Kwankwaso is doing, it is what patriots citezens suppose to emulate and they are things that people should know that the Kwankwasiyya system is a system of justice and development.

Ambassador Sameer said that it was in such a process of Kwankwasiyya manifestos that Engineer Abba Kabir Yusuf was elected as the Governor and he is making huge development projects that touches the lives of the people of the state.

He said that now in Kano state under the Abba Government, 101 students have started going to study abroad this shows the good intentions of manifestos of Kwankwaso, his age and his thoughts is benefiting the community.

Ambasada Muhammad Sameer Rufa’i National coordinator of “We move kwankwasiyya “said they hope God will continue to give Kwankwaso many years of life and continue to support the development of the people of the state. Kano and the country as a whole.


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