2023: The Most Representative Ticket Is Atiku/Okowa, By Abba Gashua

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While other presidential candidates are busy talking about ‘Yoruba First’, ‘Igbo’s turn’, ‘Yan Arewa’, or religion, Atiku is talking about Nigeria and its unity. One thing that you can’t accuse Atiku of is tribalism and nepotism.

Sentiments aside! Since he started contesting an election, Atiku has been consistent with his blueprint. He kept updating his plan. You may not like some of his policies, but you certainly commend his readiness and determination.

When Buhari was promising us heaven, we turned a blind eye to Atiku’s more realistic plans, and we’ve all seen the consequences of our actions. Nigeria has never been divided like in this APC administration.

Unfortunately, other candidates don’t even know what they will do for Nigeria; they are still drafting manifestos. Watch out, they’ll soon start promising unrealistic promises in an attempt to buy our conscience of wanting better.

Nigeria is facing soaring unemployment, widespread insecurity, high inflation, and a sluggish economy heavily dependent on fluctuating oil revenues.

Atiku is the only candidate with sufficient knowledge, expertise, and technical know-how to address our country’s problems.

The single most important issue for most Nigerians today is job creation. Atiku’s government would play an active role in providing an enabling environment for the development of entrepreneurs through high-impact job creation initiatives, who will in turn employ others and resuscitate industrial activities.

We’ve seen the success recorded by Atiku when he served as vice president and head of the government’s economic team. He successfully reformed telecommunications, pensions, and the banking sector, which led to job creation and GDP growth.

As a retired head of the customs service, one of the agencies saddled with providing security to the nation, Atiku has an insight into the underlying causes of these insecurities we have been battling with and would provide a lasting solution to them.

As a top civil servant, a vice president, and a prominent businessman, Atiku will use our country’s modest resources to build infrastructure, provide excellent social amenities, and use his business contacts to attract foreign investment into the country, which would make Nigeria a role model for African countries.

Abba Gashua wrote from kano


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