World Hypertension Day: Firm Advocates Prompt Screening For Early Detection, Control

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Asclepius Consulting, a foremost medical consultancy firm, has called for early screening to detect and treat high blood pressure (HBP).

The firm made the call to commemorate the 2024 World Hypertension Day on Friday, May 17, 2024, with the theme, “Measure Your Blood Pressure Accurately, Control It, Live Longer”.

World Hypertension Day which is observed worldwide to promote increased awareness of high blood pressure, accuracy in blood pressure measurement and works toward the control of hypertension-related Non-Communicable Diseases, especially in low to middle income countries like Nigeria.

In a statement released by Client Services Executive, Asclepius Consulting, Dr. Seun Williams, accurate blood pressure measurement is key for the effective diagnosis, prevention and control of hypertension.

He noted that, “This can be achieved with the use of clinically validated automated devices, use of a correct protocol measurement and proper patient preparation. Asclepius Consulting and partners encourage Nigerians to participate in World Hypertension Day by having blood pressure screenings and having all the necessary information about the risk factors which may lead to Hypertension.

“These screenings and education on exercises, stress management, lifestyle modification and dietary salt reduction help reduce the risk for heart attack, stroke, cardiovascular disease and also kidney disease in communities in Nigeria.”

Speaking further, Williams noted that many people who suffer from hypertension are not aware that they have it as there can be no symptoms and very often people only find out after suffering a heart attack or stroke which is why Hypertension is known as the ‘the silent killer’.

“Asclepius Consulting and partners have screened over 100,000 Nigerians in different public health facilities for high blood pressure since the beginning of 2024 and plan to screen another 100,000 Nigerians before end of the year,” he added.


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