Why The Calls For The Removal Of SSG From Security Affairs Persist In Katsina

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The essence of government at all levels is to provide adequate security  on anything that  threatens the lives and property of the citizens. Security is a prerequisite in every society that provides conducive atmosphere for development in all human endeavour.
For almost a decade Katsina state that is one of the peaceful state in the North and the entire country, but is gradually becoming the most dangerous state where bandits are operating with impunity.
The activities of rural bandits in Katsina State resulted into the lost of hundreds of innocent lives and property worth hundreds millions of Naira and crippled the economy of the state particularly farming and rearing of animals.
The havoc wrecked by bandits forced the government to initiate amnesty program through negotiation and renunciation on the part of the repentants bandits in order to bring an end to this monster that is consuming lives and property of Katsinawa on daily basis.
The expectations of all and sundry in Katsina state is that the activities of rural bandits will immediately stop to reciprocate the good gestures of the state that is spending millions of Naira to secure our lives and property on one and promote peaceful coexistence and economic development of the state on the other hand.
However, to our greatest surprise instead of seeing the end of rural banditry in the state, still the activities of bandits persist and their areas of campaigns of violence widens  almost by affecting 12 out 34 local government areas of the state.
The recent resurgence of violence and deadly campaigns in the affected areas becomes a source of worries to all of us because the government is apparently losing the fight against the bandits despite the peace accord reached with them. This ugly development necessitated persistent calls from concerned citizens on the state government to remove the SSG from the chairmanship of the committee that negotiated with the bandits.
These calls generated heated debates from the proponents and opponents.
To resolve this issue there is the need to analyze the arguments of both sides objectively in order to be fair to the SSG the person that is at the center of these debates.
If the security of lives and property really improved as a results of the compromised reached with the bandits under the watch and chairmanship of the SSG, then we have no any other options left for us than to apologize and commend him for the job well done.
However, if the security of lives and property deteriorated after the peace accord the Governor have no any other options than to listen to these calls and do the needful by removing him from the chairmanship and membership of the committee and replace him with more competent persons in the state from the retired and serving security personnel in. In addition to the removal the government as a matter of urgency should investigate the activities of the security committee to find out what went and review it’s activities.
Written by: Ado Umar Lalua and Ahmed Bawa Faskari


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