Why Mustapha Sule Lamido’s Politics Matter In Jigawa State!

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By Abubakar Yahaya

Since the beginning of his journey into partisan politics in Jigawa state, Mustapha Sule Lamido has continued to soar from strength to strength as he learns the whims and Caprices of his political antagonists building himself into a formidable political figure creating a ripples of waves in the political ocean of the state in particular and  and ,Nigeria as a whole.

His politics is no doubt, a hybrid version of contemporary politicking, with its reliance on old traditions of Talakawa driven pattern of politics, and populist valour of the 21st century.

Political gladiators in the state have been jittery with his political aspirations and have not hidden their fears over his populist valour.

The political pundits that have constantly played chest board with the masses in the bid to hold the state to ransom are running out of tactics to convince and win the support of the masses with the emergence of the Talakawa political captain.

The antics of the power brokers and their political empire is coming to terms with this new brand of politics of emancipation which the Talakawas are aligning themselves with to the disappointment of the old political playboys.

In Mustapha, they have found an unwilling ally who defies their egocentric narrative of political relevance and his resistance not to be under their political tutelage which is the traditional path young politicians follow to get to top in the old version of the anti-Talakawa politics in Jigawa State.

The political orientation of Mustapha is deep rooted in emancipating the people of the state from the firm grip of this pseudo politicians that have for ages been hobnobbing every administration in the state denying the space for reform minded and promising politicians.

It is no longer news in the quoters of Alhaji Mustapha’s political antagonists, proclamations that will resist his Talakawa driving style of politics even though that will surely not come to fruition as the Talakawas themselves are beginning to see a light at the end of a long dark tunnel, through the long awaited politics of emancipation Championing by the shining political star in the state Mustapha Sule Lamido.

This kind of manoeuvring, scheming and public betrayal of the opposition politicians was what resulted into thwarting the senatorial ambition of the young Jagoran Talakawas, way back in 2019.

The ganging against Mustapha is like that of vultures feasting on a heist, all political decorum were jettisoned to age out a politician bent to  emancipate his people from the grip of those feeding fat on them for years.

Alhaji Mustapha’s 2019 defeat, did not savour well across length and breadth of the nation, with numerous calls and questions from the well meaning Nigerians as to why such a promising politician was defeated.

However, as it is the case with every great politician from within and outside Nigeria, defeat at first attempt is nothing but a test to strengthen him for the bigger task ahead God willing.

His composure and restraint after the human induced defeat and his resolve to forge ahead, is the reason why the people in the state need him more for the emancipation of the state from the insatiable political hyenas.

Just like a palm cannot block the sunshine when it rises above the head, so also the antics of political schemers will not stop Mustapha Sule Lamido’su marching to greatness in the politics of Jigawa state God willing. Indeed Gobe ta Allah ce.

Abubakar Yahaya


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