Why Education Is Important In Life Of Every Child-MD NTIC

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By Bello Hamza, Abuja

Managing Director of Nigerian Tulip International Colleges, Ferzullah Bilgin has stated that education is best thing ever to give to a child.

According to him, children are the future of our world, making education crucial for them. Their knowledge is what’s going to keep our world alive and flourishing.

Bilgin stated this yesterday during the concept note for children’s day conference held in Abuja.

He said, “Though we are living in 2022 now as the children all over the the world are having a lot of issues now. So after making of promises that we are going to give them good life. Unfortunately, that has never being fully deliver they are promised instead, a lot of children in Nigeria and the world at large find themselves in the issue of insecurity and that has bring about fear among them.

“All these things are really affecting the children and sometimes they lose the value of life. Again, they do not have environmental support. So all these things put together make it difficult for children.

“I think it is really important to educate the parents on how we should better approach the children because they expect love and care not only by securing their school fee, providing food and shelter but outside this they still expect love and care from us.

“Good education is something very important and all those neglected are going to be problem in the future.

“So education is very important in the life of any child. Having children is not the end of everything it is the beginning.”

He further explained that just last week,  someone in America, somebody  went into a school and started shooting at about 20 people died, 19 were children. This happened as a result of neglect. The person was not neglected at the his tender age. That is why something like this should be involve in school.

Salamatu Maina said as a parent she is so excited about the children as they are celebrating their day and as parents it is very important to ensure the happiness of a child.

She said, “We look forward to always put smile on the faces of our children. We always want our children to be the best. So we have to lay a good foundation.”



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