Troops Kill 814 Terrorists, Arrest 1,903 In 3 Months —DHQ

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Defence Headquarters (DHQ) on Thursday said troops on internal operations across the country killed 814 terrorists and arrested 1,903 suspected terrorists while 4,560 terrorists and families surrendered. 

The Director Defence Media Operations, Major General Edward Buba, who disclosed this during the third quarter update on military operations said 721 kidnapped hostages were also rescued from captivity.

He said the troops recovered 501 weapons, 3,577 livestock, 3,269 assorted kinds of ammunition and 674 other equipment.

He warned that the military will punish those taking sides with criminal elements.

“It is clear from our operations that the terrorist and their cohorts have sustained a significant number of casualties. It is certain that they will continue to sustain even more casualties, as we move forward. The illusion by these groups to embark on terrorism or insurgency is laughable.

“Increasingly, they have become more of a criminal organization which is the reason they fight. They fight so that, they can keep profiting from criminal activities such as illegal mining, kidnapping, cattle rustling, illegal levies on fishing and farming communities and all other unholy forms of criminal inclinations.

“Indeed, if these groups don’t come to the table in peace. We will ceaselessly punish them with overwhelming military force. For those supporting them, they have picked the wrong side and will face similar fate as these criminals and murders” he said.

He added “our operations across the 6 geopolitical zones from June to August 2023 reveals that; we neutralized 814 terrorists and arrested 1,326 criminals. We arrested 42 kidnappers, 231 collaborators, 33 armed robbers, 80 cattle rustlers, 325 militias, 27 rails vandals, 73 gunrunners, 191 suspected oil thieves and rescued 721 kidnapped hostages. Additionally, 4,560 terrorist and their families surrendered to troops.

“Troops recovered a total number of 501 weapons, 3,577 livestock, 3,269 assorted kinds of ammunition and 674 other equipment”.

In a breakdown, he said the troops recovered 117 AK47 rifle, one AK49 rifle, five revolver, 28 fabricated rifles, 11 fabricated pistols, 57 dane guns, 23 pistols, 24 pump action guns, 3 FN rifles, 3 GPMGs, one double barrel gun, one barreta pistol, one G3 rifle, two HK21 rifles one IED, 123 rounds of 7.62mm NATO, 2,008 rounds of 7.62mm special, 30 rounds of 7.62mm x 39mm, 512 rounds of 7.62mm x 54mm, 190 rounds of 5.5mm, 39 rounds of 9mm, 29 rounds of PKM, and 19 cartridges.

Others include; one RPG tube, three hand grenades, one locally made hand grenade, one locally made bomb, two rifle butts, one AK47 barrel, one GMPG barrel, two MG links, 98 AK47 magazines, two G3 magazines, two FN magazines, two PKT magazines, two LMG magazines, two tear gas launchers, one bullet proof vest, 49 vehicles, 213 motorcycles, 48 bicycles, 69 mobile phones, five boafeng radios, four woodland camouflages, two boots, 74 knives, 71 handsets, 11 laptops, 13 steering rods and pumps, 45 machetes and 25 jack knives.

General Buba added that, troops also recovered 213 motorcycle, 69 mobile phones, one bicycle, 10 machete and a pair of camouflage.

On the war against oil theft in South South geopolitical zone, he said the troops recovered; 6,652,250 litres of stolen crude oil, 3,558,325 litres of illegally refined AGO, 288,650 litres of DPK and 65,600 PMS.

He said the stolen crude recovered from economic saboteurs is estimated to the sum of N4bn.

He reiterated that the armed forces will continue to apply strong military pressure on groups undermining the national security of the country.

It is clear that, the terrorist and their cohorts cannot win in the face of ongoing military pressure against them.

Accordingly, the terrorists and their cohorts are encouraged to drop their arms and rejoin society to provide a better life for themselves and their children. They risk annihilation if they fail to do so”.

He assured Nigerians that the military will work tirelessly to ensure their safety and security.


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