The Long Awaited Kwara State Local Government Elections Have Arrived ; As KWSIEC Announces September 21 Date

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By Zubair M A

The news of the announcement by KWSIEC to conduct its Local Government Election in Kwara State on September 21st 2024 barely (4) four months away is one i received with a tremendous amount of joy, having being part of constant agitation for the State Government to conduct local government elections.

This marks the end of the TIC in kwara state and the beginning of what could be meaningful growth and development for the people of our communities especially at the grassroots.

Now that the Kwara State Local Government Elections is here, all eyes are on Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq to ensure a free and fair electoral process. As the leader of the state, it is crucial that he allows the people to make their choice without any interference or manipulation.

The importance of local government elections cannot be overstated. Local governments are the closest to the people and often have a direct impact on their daily lives. Therefore, it is essential that the people are given the opportunity to elect leaders who truly represent their interests and will work towards the development of their communities.

There have been concerns raised in the past about electoral malpractices and lack of transparency in local government elections in Kwara State. It is imperative that Governor Abdulrazaq address these issues and ensure that the upcoming elections are conducted in a free and fair manner.

By allowing the people to make their choice without any interference, Governor Abdulrazaq will be demonstrating his commitment to democracy and good governance. It is only by respecting the will of the people that he can truly lead by example and earn their trust and support.

As the governor of Kwara State, Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq has a responsibility to uphold the democratic principles on which our society is built. It is essential that he takes a hands-off approach to the local government elections and allows the people to decide their representatives without any external influence.

In conclusion, Kudos to the A A led administration as we look forward to a seamless and masses oriented process.

Zubair Mohammed writes from Kwara State.


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