The Danger Of Unquestioning Reverence: Embracing Constructive Criticism In The North

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By Muhammad Tambiry Abdullahi.

One of the major obstacles hindering the promotion and exploration of knowledge in Northern Nigeria is our tendency to overly venerate individuals perceived as intellectuals or public figures.

We reverence those with uncommon traits to the point of neglecting the consequences of their glaring flaws, avoidable errors, and gross misrepresentations – which can ultimately harm our society.

The majority of people are reluctant to challenge the status quo, fearing that questioning established beliefs will be misinterpreted as envy or disloyalty. This mindset stifles constructive criticism, leading to a culture of unquestioning reverence.

Consequently, some individuals have become entrenched as religious and political stooges, dependent thinkers, and fanatics who prioritize emotions over logical reasoning and realism.

The case of Sheikh Issa Ali Pantami serves as a clear example. While some of us acknowledge his contributions tinted with reservations, others refuse to accept any criticism of him, deeming it an attack on his person. This idolization of individuals over institutions undermines the very institutions they serve, rendering them less effective. We must recognize that no human being is perfect or beyond questioning.

Even the Prophet (S.A.W) faced criticism and welcomed it. Authors worldwide face criticism and reviews daily. Why should Sheikh Pantami’s work be exempt?

The implications of this mindset are harmful to our societal growth, suppressing the potential of knowledge seekers and promoting ignorance.

Dear Northerners, let us normalize constructive criticism and untainted questions. Let us learn to evaluate existing knowledge and new ideas critically.

By doing so, we will strengthen our ability to listen to diverse perspectives; critique literatures, distinguish truth from falsehood, and challenge flawed reasoning.

God Bless Northern Nigeria,
God Bless The Federal Republic Of Nigeria.

Muhammad Thambiry Abdullahi ( BALANCE).



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