Police Vows To Dealt With Rapists In Ondo

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The Police command in  Ondo has vowed to ensure the  prosecution of all reported cases of rape in the state.

Mr Tee Leo-Ikoro, the command’s  Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Monday via telephone that rape was a crime against God and humanity.

He said that the Police was working hard to contain the rising cases of rape in the country and assured that anyone arrested would not go unpunished.

“Rape is a crime against God and humanity and no rapists will be allowed to continue to perpetrate such heinous crime in the society,” the command’s spokesman said.

Leo-Ikoro urged  parents to live up to their responsibility in the education and upbringing of their children, particularly to educate them on how to relate with strangers or relatives who could take advantage of them.

He also advised parents to desist from leaving their little female children with neighbours, strangers or even family relatives who are of the opposite sex to avoid the children being molested.

“Rape is being committed by people who cannot control their sexual urge or people who are doing it for ritual purposes, who can be family friends, relatives, neighbours or strangers.

“Parents have a role to play by educating the little children not to accept gifts from strangers or even family relatives who could lure them into the evil acts.

“Parents also need to monitor the movement of their adults girls, know the friends they keep and also moderate their dressing against half-naked outfits which could attract opposite sex,” he added.


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