Northern Elders Seek National Pastoralist Commission

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Northern Elders Forum (NEF) has proposed the proclamation of a National Policy on Grazing and Livestock Development (NPGLD), particularly the establishment of a National Pastoralist Commission (NPC).
The forum said its proposal was informed by the ongoing debate in the National Assembly over the proposed law to end open grazing in the country and establish ranching agencies, which has brought to light differing views among legislators.
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NEF, in a statement issued by its director of publicity and advocacy Abdul-Azeez Suleiman, noted that while the bill has passed the first reading and is currently at the second reading stage, some northern senators, led by Senator Adamu Aliero, have vehemently expressed their opposition to it.
The NEF said it recognises the importance of addressing the challenges posed by open grazing and the need for a more sustainable and modern approach to livestock management. The forum, however, said it is aware of the concerns raised by some northern senators regarding the potential impact of the proposed law on the livelihoods of pastoralists in the region.
“NEF believes that all stakeholders must engage in meaningful dialogue and consultation to find a balanced and acceptable solution that considers the interests of all parties involved.
“The Forum advocates for the development of policies and programs that support the transition from open grazing to ranching in a manner that ensures the well-being of pastoral communities while also addressing the environmental and security issues associated with open grazing.



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