Neophyte Opposition Antics And The ‘Unruffled’ First Family, By Gidado Ibrahim

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The ultimate role of a virile opposition party is to offer alternative views or constructive criticism that will help keep the government in power on its toes. The cumulative aim of this is to contribute actively to nation building. Sadly, the opposition in Nigeria has desecrated and denigrated the pivotal role of opposition and has taken to petty poke nosing and whipping up unnecessary public sentiments.

One of such ‘lows’ of the opposition in recent times is its demand for clarification on the purported shooting incident at the presidential villa. Specifically, it alleged shooting and security breaches within the precincts of Aso Rock following a reported degenerated squabble among President Muhammadu Buhari’s family members and officials of the presidency

One of the saddest antics of the Nigerian opposition is its lack of grasp of issues. In the first instance, what constitutes security breaches? I think that is the first question the opposition was supposed to have clarified in its hazy mind before jumping into what it does not understand. By going to address the press on issues it has no understanding of or clarification on makes the opposition irresponsible.

Where the opposition is worth its salt, they should know that security is a serious business that should not be dragged into politics. In the first place, there is opposition party because there is a country. By implication, any opposition that is playing politics with security matters is digging its own grave.

Where the Opposition is leaving up to its name, they should be busy trying to pin point areas of observation and engage the government of the day rigorously on issues pertaining to government’s policies and programmes to move the nation forward, instead of playing to the gallery. It is only by so doing that all stakeholders irrespective of political party will be on the same page as we work toward building a virile political system.

Those of us who have sound ideas of the workings of security system know that some external factors snooping around for beer palour gossip in the seat of power are making moves to see to the failure of the Next Level government of President Buhari. Their modus operandi is to amplify any issue, whether real or insinuated, about the State House.

In the history of Nigeria, no government has ever assembled professionals as presidential support staff. There is no way security breach would happen at the presidential villa with the kind of National Security Adviser (NSA) we have. Major General Muhammed Babagana Mongonu (rtd) is a competent and internationally recognised security czar who has proved his mettle in difficult times in the past. So, maintaining security in Aso Rock is not a child’s play.

Also, the Chief of Staff to President Buhari, Prof Ibrahim Gambari is a man of impeccable standing. Both men are making progress in adding more impetus to the security architecture within the presidency.

Is it by force for the opposition to criticise? At least, if they don’t have anything constructive to say, they better keep mum instead of displaying crass ignorance; or more still, they should go to the Institute of Security Geneva to study what is called laws of security breaches before poke nosing in what they are ignorant of.

More worrisome is the falsehood that has been introduced into the whole thing. In a press statement, an opposition party had expressed worry that the protracted spat between the First Lady, Aisha Buhari, and the aides of Buhari has degenerated into violent combats, raids and free use of firearms within the presidential villa. What can be more irresponsible that cooking up lies and misleading information, all in a bid to whip up public sentiment?

The greatest peril of the opposition antics is that Nigerians already know what they stand for. They know that some opposition elements are enemies of Nigeria who are doing everything to ensure total failure of the Buhari Next Level agenda for Nigeria.

For a party that has bled Nigeria’s resources for 16 years without commensurate achievements to say it is disturbed “by such ugly situation in the Buhari presidency, which has already heightened apprehensions in the public space over the apparent failure of the security architecture and central command system in the presidency leading to such reckless and irresponsible breaches”, is to say the least height of hypocrisy. Nigerians are tired and fed up with the disgruntled opposition rabble rousing approach to tackling issues.

Were they not the ones who plunged Nigeria into the economic mess we are in? Even the insecurity mess President Buhari inherited was caused by them in the first 16 years of the Fourth Republic.

For the umpteenth time, it is important to drum into the numb skulls of the opposition that the president, Muhammadu Buhari, his Chief of Staff, Ibrahim Gambari and the National Security Adviser, Gen Muhammed Babagana Monguno are firmly in charge of security, both at the presidential village and all over Nigeria. Contrary to the opposition’s frivolous claims, there is no heightened security situation anywhere in and outside Aso Rock.

The critics in opposition toga are only angry that Nigerians have permanently shut them out of power because of their corrupt tendencies. Never again will Nigeria witness opposition’s neck-deep corruption and reign of impunity.

More than any other time in our history, the country is more secured today. President Buhari and his team will surely succeed, irrespective of distractions and evil schemes. My candid advice for the bewildered opposition is to do inward introspection to discover why it has lost relevance and condescended to petty affront and gimmicks.

In fact, they should consider tendering open apology to Nigerians for their failure to change from its inglorious past and learn how to start playing the much needed role of an vibrant opposition.

Ibrahim is director of communication and strategic planning of the Presidential Support Committee (PSC).

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