Most Of Kaduna’s Revenue Sources Have Dried Up – Revenue Service

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The Kaduna State Internal Revenue Service (KADIRS) has said the major sources of revenue for the state have dried up, hence the out of the box innovations to identify revenue potentials and block leakages.
KADIRS executive chairman, Mr Jerry Adams, speaking during the launch of ‘Project Craft,’ and the PayKaduna Portal yesterday in Kaduna, said the initiatives were not just about technology, but transformative approach to governance which would allow the state to leverage advanced data analytics and automation.
Adams said the innovation would also enhance KADIRS capacity to generate revenue, curb leakages, and improve service delivery to the citizens.
KADIRS said, “KADIRS in the last eight years made a lot of huge recoveries in the range of about N20 billion from back duty audits; N18 billion from non-tax revenues sources specially through the sale of government properties; huge exchange gains of about N42 billion from foreign loans/grants was recorded to revenue as revenue and finally, land allocation reforms through the creation of KADGIS.
“However, these sources have dried up, as over 80% of government-owned properties have been privatised, back duty recoveries have shrunk and the federal government’s pronouncement of a parallel regime in forex has faced out exchange gains as revenue.
He added, “Now faced with these challenges alongside the huge debt burden on the state, the importance of innovative and out-of-the-box ideas to identify revenue potentials, improve accountability, block leakages and expand the tax net-achieving both vertical and horizontal growth cannot be over-emphasised.
“This is the mindset that has birthed our reason for today’s gathering. Today, we launch ‘Project CRAFT,’ and the PAYKADUNA PORTAL, initiatives that embodies the Governor Uba Sani administration’s commitment to pacesetting, innovation, accountability, and excellence in public service reform,” he said.



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