Mohbad: Foundation Offers N50m Reward As Autopsy Fails To Reveal Cause Of Death

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The African Television and the African Foundation for Justice have announced a N50 million reward for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of those responsible for the death of Nigerian artist Ilerioluwa Aloba, popularly known as Mohbad.
LEADERSHIP recalls that the 27-year-old singer died on September 12, 2023, under mysterious circumstances that have sparked widespread controversy and protests.
Despite the Lagos State government’s directive for a coroner’s inquest, the autopsy conducted at the Ikorodu High Court failed to ascertain the cause of Mohbad’s death.
The pathologist cited the decomposed state of the body as a significant obstacle in determining the cause, leaving the matter unresolved.
CEO of African Television and the African Foundation for Justice, Larry Omodia, expressed deep sorrow over the inconclusive autopsy results and stressed the need for closure.
“We have been told at the courthouse the cause of death is unascertained, meaning the cause of death is unknown. This could be the mystery of all mysteries in Nigeria,” he told reporters after the court hearing.
Omodia commended the Nigerian police for their ongoing investigation and announced the reward.
“In support of what the police are doing, African television is announcing officially that together with our partners, we are raising N50 million for anyone with information that leads to the conviction of whoever eliminated or killed Mohbad. You can take this globally. We know somebody somewhere knows something.”
The announcement was made on Wednesday at the Ikorodu High Court after key witnesses, including Primeboy, a close friend of the deceased, and the pathologist who conducted the autopsy, were cross-examined.
The pathologist reiterated that the decomposed state of the body made it impossible to determine the cause of death.
Omodia urged anyone with information to come forward, promising safety and financial reward. “To put an end to this mystery, African television and African Foundation for Justice are raising this N50 million for anybody—police officer, market women, or gatemen—if you know something or anything that may have caused the death of Mohbad, contact us. We guarantee you, we will raise N50 million for you and you will be taken abroad for safety,” he stated.
Highlighting the foundation’s commitment to press freedom, Omodia mentioned the arrest of journalists and bloggers investigating the case.
“African television came into this movement, creating a foundation to ensure that the freedom of the press in Nigeria is not suppressed. In the quest to find the perpetrators, journalists and bloggers are being arrested. Arifa and Veron, two popular bloggers, are currently sitting in police custody.”
The foundation is also offering free DNA tests for every child in Nigeria in collaboration with partners in Belgium, the UK, and Malta.
“We promised N10 million to do the DNA of Mohbad’s son and we encourage Nigerians to join in the movement. We are also organising a Sing For Mohbad tribute concert in September to keep Mohbad’s name alive,” Omodia added.
Legal experts emphasised that the inconclusive autopsy report does not mark the end of the investigation. Prof. I.O Smith SAN stated, “The report is one out of several pieces of evidence. It is not over; the next hearing will be on June 25. We have direct evidence, we have circumstantial evidence among others.”
Mohbad’s lawyer, Wahab Shittu SAN, underscored the reasons for the autopsy’s failure. “The pathologist mentioned the body’s decomposition as a major reason the cause of death was unascertained. When you say the cause of death cannot be ascertained, it is suspicious. It is not clear.”
The pathologist will be recalled for further questioning at the next hearing to clarify his report. “Until those questions are asked, you cannot say this is the outcome of the report. I employ everybody to have an open mind until we look at all the possibilities,” Shittu concluded.


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