Minister Lauds Developmental Effort Of NDE

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By Ibrahim Muhammad Kano

The minister of state for labour Rt.Hon.Barr.Nkeiruka Chioben Onyejeocha said she was excited with what she sees in the on going 44th edition of Kano international trade fair especially in the stale of NDE at the trades fair complex.

She said this while speaking with journalists after she visit stand of NDE during the official ceremony to mark NDE day at the fair.

The minister added that she was impress by what she see as efforts of youths who they can’t just keep their certificate of completion the school they need to do something to be self-reliant.they join NDE and made good impact for well being of theory life.

She urged youths who are graduate and unemployment to come and listen to what NDE is telling them or what they want here from Government,

She said by her interaction with talented youths she see in NDE stand they are optimistic about what the government of this day is doing.

Rt.Hon.Barr.Nkeiruka Chioben Onyejeocha

said NDE come to reduce unemployment ,but you can be employed without been employed by some body else.She is happy with NDE for training many peoples who are using their self employment in feeding their families and training others.




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