Kano State Government Has Improves System Of Paying Pensioners Their Rights Without Delay–Hasan Muhammad Aminu

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By Ibrahim Muhammad Kano

Since from the inception of Engineer Abba Kabir Yusuf’s administration within a short period of time, it has taken steps to improve the system of paying pensioners their rights on time without delay or cutting them any part of their money.

The Permanent member 1 Kano state pension fund trustee Alhaji Hasan Muhammad Aminu stated this while speaking to the press on behalf of the Chairman of Kano State Pension Board.Alhaji Habu Ibrahim Fagge on one year anniversary of the Governor Abba Kabir and his deputy Comraded Aminu Abdussalam in office.

He explained that in the first time the Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf has released six billion Naira which has been paid for gratuities for retiaries that has not paid by the previous government for eight years his is a great achievement that has made pensioners very happy.

Adding that again now Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf has agreed that Five Billion Naira will be released for second time to pay gratuity of those who have retire from service and those who pass away, this is a step to fulfill the promise he made that will continue to be done over and over.

Alhaji Hasan Muhammad Aminu pointed out that despite the problem that Governor Abba Kabir encountered after winning the election, were by opponents who failed election tried to rob the people of Kano of their legitimate mandate but Àllah protect him and sustained him of his success in the Supreme Court

He said during the hearing in court Governor Abba stand firm in carrying out important works in various aspects for the development of the people of Kano.

Alhaji Hassan Muhammad Aminu expressed his gratitude to God for sustaining the success of Abba Kabir Yusuf Goverment and bring achievement in the area of security in Kano State in one year of his administration.

He shows that the development of education is the main ideology of Kwankwasiyya’s.Abba has sent students abroad to study, schools are renovated and he paid examination and school fees students l at different levels and he has bring back vocational schools and boarding schools for girls which previous Goverment closed and he is taking good majors to ensure the quality of edequate in the state..

He said in the health sector, many hospitals have been renovated, including the emergency department of Murtala Muhammad Specialist Hospital and the restoration of Asia Bayero Hospital which was closed in the previous government.He is also executing various roads projects in the state that includes Dan’agundi and Tal’udu .

The Permanent member one Kano state pension fund trustee Alhaji Hasan Muhammad Aminu called on the people of Kano State to continues in giving Governor Engineer Abba Kabir Yusuf and his deputy Comrade Aminu Abdussalam full support and cooperation in there efforts to continue and improving peace and stability and conducting projects and activities that will develop Kano State and its people.


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