Kano Emirate: Northern Youths Write Tinubu, UN, EU, ECOWAS, Warn Against Anarchy

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The leadership of the Northern Youth Assembly (Majalisar Matasan Arewa), has written an open letter to President Bola Tinubu, urging him to be wary of some people in his government planning cause anarchy in Kano State.

The letter was also copied to United Nations Office in Abuja, European Union Embassy, ECOWAS, US Embassy, Abuja, British High Commission, Abuja, US Congress, US and the European Union.

The letter signed by the group’s President, Dr Ali Idris, and Secretary-General, Dr Garba Abdulhafiz, dated May 25, 2024, the youths said the change in the state’s emirate law was a product of the law by the State House of Assembly, stating that any attempt to subvert such law by powers-that-be in Abuja will only result in causing chaos.

“The leadership of the Northern Youth Assembly (Majalisar Matasan Arewa), on behalf of its chapters in the Nineteen Northern States and Abuja, has, at the moment found it compelling to draw your attention, as a democratically elected president, in the country, through a constitutionally prescribed process, with defined powers and privileges, regarding the recent development on Kano Emirate.

“It is a common knowledge that Nigeria as a country that practices federalism has a constitution which prescribes the powers for the central Government as well as the sub national government which equally represents the lawfully recognized federating units.

“Sir, as part of the powers provided by the Nigerian constitution of exercising legislative authority by the State Assemblies at the sub national level, is to make laws for the betterment and welfare of their State as well as their citizens.

“The process to exercise this constitutional right may include: making new laws, amending the existing laws and repealing the existing laws. The Kano State House of Assembly, in 2019 exercised such powers by amending the Kano State Emirate Councils Laws, and created four additional emirates, and the law was subsequently assented by the then Governor, Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje. The current Kano State House of Assembly, equally exercised such legislative powers by repealing the same law and dissolved the newly created four additional emirates in the State, and the Executive Governor of Kano State, Engineer Abba Kabir Yusuf, equally assented to the new repealed law,” the youth said, adding that each of the two Assemblies performed their constitutional and legislative functions, as they deemed it fit and so should stand.

The youths alleged that there was an unprecedented efforts and evil plan allegedly designed by some officials of Tinubu Government, linking the development to the National Security Adviser, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, to violently and forcefully impose the deposed Emir of Kano, Alhaji Aminu Ado Bayero, on the people of Kano, using the Federal Government security apparatus, under the pretext of complying with a court order granted by one Federal High Court Judge at a time when he was far away in United States for a holiday.

“This is nothing but a broad daylight encroachment on the constitutional democratic practices, undermining the authorities of the sub-national and federating units, and a clear interference in the exercise of their constitutional powers.

“This ugly development is not only an embarrassment to your Government, and your personality as someone who has always portrayed himself as a democrat.

“Our fear is, your Government and its appointees, may be seen as people who do not have respect for democratic governance, practices and constitutional authority.

“We wish to draw your attention at this juncture that, Kano has been peaceful, and any attempt to disrupt the peace in the State, by heeding to the interest of some few selfish and greedy people against the wishes of over 20 million people of Kano, may lead to chaos and anarchy, and is likely to portray your Government in the bad light, as one government that works to sabotage democratic authorities, by usurping the constitutional rights, authorities and powers of the sub national democratic structures, and may as well invite enmity against your nascent Government by the people of Kano, as well as the entire people of Northern Nigeria, as anything that touches Kano, touches the entire Northern Nigeria,” the youths added.


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