Kannywood Actor, Karkuzu, Hit By Blindness, Seeks Assistance

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A renowned figure in the Kannywood film industry, Abdullahi Shuaibu, widely known as Karkuzu, is currently battling blindness due to a debilitating ailment.
The actor, who gained prominence
through his iconic role in the popular drama “Karkuzu Na Bodara” during the 1980s, has, therefore, appealed to good spirited Nigerians for financial aid after a video of his predicament surfaced on social media.
The distressing footage portrays a visibly affected Karkuzu as he recounts his battle with illness, which dated back to December 2020.
In a candid appeal, he revealed that he was grappling with severe financial hardship alongside his health woes. The gravity of his situation has become so dire that he fears losing the very roof over his head – his residence is currently up for sale due to his predicament.
Speaking to joirnalist in the aftermath of the viral video, Karkuzu disclosed that, “I am now blind as I am talking to you. I seriously need financial assistance. I don’t have food to eat and feed my family.”
The actor, whose deep-rooted connection to his home has been threatened, appealed kind-hearted Nigerians to step forward and help him, urging them to secure his residence from the looming sale.
“At least Nigerians should help me buy this house I am living,” he pleaded.
Addressing the cause of his sudden blindness, Karkuzu recounted his medical history: “I have been under the knife twice, but finally the doctors said it is glaucoma, and that I will never see again. I have accepted that as my destiny. But Nigerians should kindly help me. Get me this house, and some food.”


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