K.S. Orion’s Epic Fantasy Novel ‘Into Dystopia’, Pulls The Lost Hypothetical Planet Nine Into Her World Of Fiction

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A twenty-four year old Nigerian Novelist who writes under the pen name K.S. Orion has revived the world of story telling with her soul gripping epic novel titled “Into Dystopia”, a treat for the lovers of paranormal themes which embraces the ancient concept of sorcery and magic in an alien world with three categories of inhabitants including: the giant Martians, the extraterrestrial Erisians, and the average Human species brought under the rule of a demonic King known as the faceless Brakoon.

The setting of her story is plunged into a thrilling adventure embarked on the mystery planet nine, which was said to have strangely disappeared from the Milky Way Galaxy’s Solar System, according to astronomers.

With the protagonist of her story being a witty half Martian-Human hybrid, born to bear the burden of a prophecy later found to be distorted by the ruling demon, the story highlights the existential crisis of the brave half breed warrior Rikas, who had to embark on a dangerous mission of vanquishing the thousand year old Brakoon demon ruling the dystopian planet.

The protagonist initially wanted to find his best friend Thalia, who had left their caves years ago, at the same time rescue his step brother Rotip and a woman Clara, captured by the Brakoon’s soldiers. However, fate entangled him with a human sorceress Sofia, who was bound to temper with the course of his destiny as a result of a future she had seen in her dream.

The supporting characters all had their unique personalities, like Rotip, the outwardly dominant and aggressive Martian step brother of the protagonist, the strong willed and stubborn sorceress Sofia, as well as the wacky Martian keeper Namiyen who is not what he seems to be.

Though the narrator dragged us into some past events with excessive details, the importance of such narrations later reflected towards the end of the story as the quest ended up revealing a twisted and dark, unimaginable secrets which all had their roots from the past.

Overall, the book is a humorous adventure packed with mind blowing discovery that will give you the chilly feeling, and it’s surely worth reading. I recommend this book to all fantasy thriller and paranormal story lovers.

Book blurb goes as follows:

‘Everyone believes in what the prophecy has foretold, when the prophecy itself has been tainted with the dark magical powers of the Brakoon demon. But if the Brakoon is not even aware that they are the real Brakoon, who is to be blamed for the mistaken identities?’

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