Group Tasks Women On Personal Hygiene During Menstraution

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Rachael Udenna Foundation, NGO, has advised women to observe personal hygiene during their menstrual cycle to avoid bacteria infection that can led to delayed pregnancy or giving birth to deformed new borns.

Ms Rachel Udenna, founder of the foundation, gave the advice on Saturday in Abuja at an event organised to sensitise wives of some military officers to menstrual cycle, personal and environmental hygiene and female reproductive system.

She defined menstruation as a monthly discharge of blood from a woman’s body, lasting between three to seven days depending on her body mechanism.

“Menstruation is critical for every woman that is of age, it is a normal monthly out flow of blood that all women must expect, especially when they are not pregnant.

“Learn to take care of your bodies during this period, clean up regularly, watch your hands and eat good food to boost your immunity.

“Clean from front to back whenever you use the toilet and change your sanitary pad frequently, especially when they are full to avoid bacteria infection.

” Take more of fruits and vegetables to replace lost fluid during menstruation to enable the body rebuild itself,” she said.

Udenna further advised women against the use of pieces of cloth during menstruation, adding that such cloth may have been infected.

“Use only certified sanitary pads to remain clean and tidy during menstruation,” she said.

According to her, infections during pregnancy can led to giving birth to a deformed new born.

She, therefore, charged mothers to teach their girl child, especially what they should know at every stage of their development, so that they would be thoroughly guided as they grow.

She said while menstruation presents with different symptoms such as abdominal pains, headache, and general irritation depending on the body mechanism of the individual, such symptoms should be seen as normal unless it becomes severe.

She explained that women with irregular menstrual cycle may find it be difficult to count their ovulation period, unlike women with regular menstrual cycle.

News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), reports that the event, which had large number of officers wives in attendance, was also attended by some tennagers.

The women were also thought how to make money, using gold as asset so they would be less dependent on their husbands.

Doctors and nurses were also on ground at the event to attend to some of the women privately who may have some personal issues to raise.

Sanitary pads and other items were distributed to the women at the event, and they commended the organisers for the gesture, saying it was quite expository.

The main focus of the Non Governmental Organisation (NGO), include health, woman empowerment and education.


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