Governor Fintiri Flags Off Construction Of International Sports Stadium In Adamawa

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By Muh’d Shafi’u Saleh

According to the motion to reform the sports sector, the governor of Adamawa state, Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, launched the construction and completed the first phase of the Ultra-modern International Sports Complex that was abandoned by previous governments in the state.

Since the government in the state started the construction of the international sports field with a good goal, but the project was abandoned, despite its importance for the development and co-operation between the youth and the entire state.

In his speech at the event which was held at the premises of the stadium complex along Yola-Numan road on Tuesday, Governor Ahmadu Fintiri said that the building complex will develop sports activities and provide the right way to use the talents of the youth.

“Globally, sport has come to play a critical role in human activities, it has transcended the bounds of recreation as we use to know it. It is now a therapeutic activity for both the young and the old. It puts the right icing on the cake of a healthy lifestyle.

“Above all it has now been elevated to a multi-fortune business industry where staggering returns are made on investment, we can’t therefore maximize the benefit that comes with the emerging status of sports without providing the right facility to promote it. The stadium complex is our modest initial investment in this enterprise”.

He continued that “the time for sports teams from neighboring states to play sports is over, because Adamawa will host men’s and women’s sports teams from other parts of the country when this project is completed.

“As a government, knowing the importance of this work for the unity of our youth, especially those who are interested in male and female sports and the important state of investment in the state, we consider that the honor and benefits it will bring us from a distance it is more than giving an example.

“Nowadays all over the world, sport plays an important role in human activities and life, it is more than just entertainment as we used it long ago, sport creates peace for the young and old and brings a healthy lifestyle

“Furthermore, now the level of sports has been elevated to industry and business, where investments are made and get incredible profits. Therefore, we cannot increase the benefits associated with the level of sports without providing quality equipment. the work that will improve it” said Fintiri.

Governor Ahmadu Fintiri also pointed out that the sports sector is a great business and its scope is unlimited, where he called on businessmen to invest in the business, since the government has provided the things that they need. appropriate.

Earlier, the State Commissioner for Youth and Sports, Barista Wali Yakubu, said that the project which costs N4.7bn and will be completed within fifteen months.

Similarly, the Super Falcons coach of Nigeria, Mr. Justine Madugu, thanked Governor Ahmadu Fintiri, for launching the project, and said that its impact will affect Nigeria and its surroundings, as well as empowering the youth and women.

The representative of the contracting firm, Aron Nigeria Limted, thanked Governor Fintiri for giving attention to what he described as a legacy project and assured its completion within the timeframe.

The governor also flags off the construction of two flyovers on the A. A Lawan Junction, on Tuesday at the state capital.


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