Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf One Year In Office Yields Positive Impact To Kano– Muhammad Sameer Rufa’i

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By Ibrahim Muhammad Kano

“We move Kwankwasiyya” National coordinator .Hon.Muhammad Sameer Rufa’i Hanga said Kano state Governor .Abba Kabir Yusuf one year in office has made a wonderful job in moving the state forward.

He said his efforts in reviving and improving water supply sector of to ease the hardship of scar city in the state and his efforts in education development and human development activities this yields positive impacts to the people’s of Kano.

He explained that it is just of recent in his efforts to tackle the problem of shortege of water in the state he brought a project for building more Dams with the collaboration of France Goverment this will asist to curtailed water problem and boast agriculture.

Also in education sector, as he imbibe from legacy of there Kwankwasiyya Leader Dr.Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso which he give priory to education development he continues in sending students abroad to study like Kwankwaso did during his administration, he send Kano students to various university and return now are holding senior positions.

Hon Muhammad Sameer said when you look at schools now especially from primary to secondary by the coming Abba Kabir administration they are been renovating and building more blocks of classes for condusive atmosphere of learning he also support higher schools students with scholarship.

Sameer explaining that he is oportune to be part of transition comitee of Abba they wrote a lot of report on education.And also under his “We move Kwankwasiyya” they formed a committee that goes round Kano and take pictures of schools and their condition and they forwarded them to Governor Abba.due to his concern and commitment in education when the Governor see the report ,we are living witness he is tackling it one by one. He is still going on ideology of Kwankwasiyya and people are witnessing the progress even the blind person when he came to Kano he knows Abba is doing well

Hon.Muhammad Sameer Rufa’i said the Governor is doing many things in empowerment he revived some of the institutios built during Kwankwaso administration which are meant for human development it was during Ganduje administration the school were closed.

He said that know Abba revived them especially Dangote school of acquisition in Karfi and other places for training youths in skills equisation for them to be self-reliant businesses. and he is empowering women and youths with capitals

Sameer has challenges those who are opposing Abba for slowly in conduct of projects by saying that,some body like him as project manager he knows that it’s better to go steady and make, what will be better than to go rush and made mess and by the way Kano Governor is doing projects he is making solid project that will be use for many years without any problems.

Hon.Muhamad Sameer. National coordinator We move Kwankwasiyya he said they still stand for Kwankwasiyya for president and they remain in that way all what they are doing is building on legacy of Kwankwaso and it will remain that way.

He said “We move” is a youths platform, they did before and hoping in the near future .Engineer Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso will be on there platform to contest for presidential seat.

He said he will use it and hoping “We move Kwankwasiyya “it will be as his vehicle, just like when Buhari made the TBO and Bola Tinubu use BAT. Now what they talking about is ” Kwankwasiyya we move together, and assure with what they have in graund they are working on, all over the country the structure they are putting in place when time come you will hear we move everywhere, they will sound and song the name of Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso .

The National Coordinator “We move Kwankwasiyya “further said now it has been proven that “we have no political leader like Kwankwaso in the nation, because he is some body that has done it in his home state before.and by looking at his Blueprint during 2023 election you can see no presidential candidate that has Blueprint like him.

Hon. Sameer Rufa’i added that Kwankwaso Blueprint to the Nigeria is just been pointing directly to masses.who are in the grassroot suffering in many ways , he has lot of good policies on them, especially in education and human development which he demonstrate it when he is Governor.

Hon.Muhammad Sameer Rufa’i Hanga.


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