Driving Schools In Kano Organised One Day Seminar For Drivers To Enhanced Their Efficiency 

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By Ibrahim Muhammad Kano

Havillah and ultimate driving schools in collaboration with Dala FM conducted one day seminar to new drivers on rule and regulations of roads and driving.

While speaking with journalist the admin officer of Havillah driving school. Richard Isaac on behalf of the Director of the school Dr Sajo Opeyemi said the programme is to assist in training drivers to acquire the knowledge of good driving and to knows the regulations of road to avoid accident.

He said this come as a result considering with how the drivers are doing reckless driving that leads in coursing an accidents. The seminar is to give their contribution at least that will help in reducing the accidents.

Mr.Richard Isaac said 10 interested peoples have apply and participated in the seminar.Already there students of the schools are been teaching the rule and regulations of driving and roads.

He said the driving school has a good relationship with every authorities that are dealing with transportation such as VIO and Road safety and they issuing certificate to any person who undergone the school which is acceptable to authorities in a process of issuing driving license.

Mr.Richard Isaac said those who have been participated in the seminar will be given an opportunity to be enrolled in the school for one to three months training in a special discount.


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