Drama As Election Holds To Decide Who Will Marry A Lady in Bauchi State

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There was a mild reported drama of election conducted to decide who, among two guys, will take a beautiful lady, name Khadija, as his bride.

The incidence which occurred in Giade Local Government Area of Bauchi State has been a topic of discussion especially on Social Media.

Mubarack_Umar, a Twitter influencer shared the story on his personal handle which went viral and caught people’s attention.

He tweeted, “Khadija has fallen in love with 2 boys but couldn’t chose 1 between them; none of the boys also ready to accept defeat.

The elders of Giade town, Bauchi State (with Khadija’s request) conducted an election and Inusa scored highest number of votes, against his rival, Ibrahim.”

Our source confirmed that the said election was held, and Inusa, who works with a pure water factory, has since received his certificate of return from the Election Returning Officer.

Speaking with our correspondent, Inusa thanked all the people that voted for him during the election.

However in a phone conversation, Ibrahim who owns small pure water shop said he out-rightly rejects the result because securities present during the election were comprised.

He said, some unknown individuals barred his agents from supervising the election.

“I will not accept this declaration. The election was not free, fair and credible as widely reported by the media,” he said.

He added that, “I have since started making arrangements to reclaim my mandate. I visited our district head to lodge complaint, but he was not around.

“If the relevant agencies investigate how this election was conducted, they will surely nullify it because of the irregularities recorded.

“We agreed that the election should be held at a neutral place, but they conducted it in front of Inuwa’s parent’s house,” he lamented.

“I have gathered all the necessary evidences, I am ready to reclaim my mandate in whatever way I can,” Ibrahim assured.



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