Domestic Violence: Walk Away From Toxic Relationships, Gender Activist Advises Women

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A gender activist, Mrs Toun Okewale-Sonaiya, on Sunday, advised women to promptly walk away from any toxic or draining relationship in order to guide against eventual mishap.
Okewale-Sonaiya gave the advice while speaking with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos, against the backdrop of the death sentence recently handed down to Maryam Sanda who murdered her husband due to an alleged infidelity.
She said that from experience, she had observed that women were more vulnerable when it comes to relationships and they could be easily implicated.
“I want women to learn from the case of Maryam Sanda. Before issues get worse between you and your spouse or whoever, it is advisable that you walk away.
“ Women should learn to walk away from any toxic or draining relationship before the worst happens.
“People should also cultivate the habit of helping neighbours, family members and friends to walk away from toxic relationships because when the repercussion comes, the victims will not only be affected but everyone,” she said.
Okewale-Sonaiya, who is also the Chief Executive Officer, Women Radio 91.7 FM, urged the Federal Government to ensure that the rule of law was strengthened by implementing court judgments, regardless of who was involved.
According to her, there must be absolute respect for the rule of law for there to be a sane and egalitarian society.
“It is important for government to ensure that our rule of law is made strong by ensuring total adherence to it; this will make people think twice before committing any crime.
“The rule of law is key, irrespective of who is affected. We must respect the rule of law for us to experience true progress in our judicial system and the country as a whole,” she said.
NAN reports that Sanda, who stabbed her husband Bilyaminu Bello several times due to issues bothering on infidelity, had been sentenced to death by hanging by an Abuja High Court.


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