COVID-19: Buhari’s Palliatives, Testimony Of A Compassionate Leader – PSC

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The Presidential Support Committee (PSC) has said the palliative measures approved by the federal government to cushion the effect of the lockdown order to curb the spread of COVID-19 are evidence that President Muhammadu Buhari is a proactive and compassionate leader.

In a statement by its director of communication and strategic planning, Mallam Gidado Ibrahim, the committee regretted that while the outbreak of coronavirus and its attendant spread to other parts of the world, including Nigeria, was claiming lives and dislocating social and economic life, the opposition with their shrill voices were busy criticising the president.

Ibrahim said, “The palliative measures approved by President Muhammadu Buhari which is currently being Implement by the federal government have revealed how prompt, compassionate and proactive the president can be as a leader.
“There is a popular believe that the best way to get people to do the right thing is to show or lead by example. The Nigerian Centre for Disease Control, having enjoyed maximum support from the Federal Government knows that nothing short of total victory over coronavirus will be acceptable to President Buhari.
“Another thing it has revealed is that government procedures have changed drastically for the better. Unlike during the Ebola outbreak when funds meant to tackle the disease were mismanaged, the Buhari administration is following and supervising every kobo released to ensure Coronavirus is nipped in the bud and chased away from the Nigerian territory.
“President Buhari and his team of versatile technocrats have demonstrated capacity, resilience and commitment in handling Coronavirus. For instance, while the opposition and their shrill voices are busy bad-mouthing the his administration, the president is working round the clock to ensure no Nigerian life is lost to the dreaded virus”.

PSC further noted that President Buhari’s handling of the coronavirus has brought honour and respect for Nigeria in the international community to the extent that developed countries would soon start coming to the country to unravel the magic wand behind the slow pace at which the virus was spreading in Nigeria.

Ibrahim continued: “This is an eloquent testimony to the change paradigm in the provision of the healthcare facilities under the President Buhari-led patriotic, transparent and result-oriented government.
“It is an open secret that the so-called advanced economies, credited for high tech Healthcare facilities watched helplessly, while Coronavirus spread throughout their country.

“As usual, unscrupulous elements and enemies of Nigeria have attempted to cash in on the coronavirus saga to vent their frustration by insinuating that the president was fiddling like Nero while the country was at the mercy of coronavirus. Ordinarily, these are people that should deserve respect but decided to lower themselves by preposterous claims of coronavirus cases.

“Needless to join issues with the opposition People’s Democratic Party PDP), a political party renowned for its scandalous mishandling of the billions budgeted for Ebola outbreak. If not for the solo, principled and courageous stand of the late Dr Stella Adadevor who paid the supreme price, so Nigerians would have died.

“PDP’s criticism of Buhari’s handling of Coronavirus case amounts to playing an Ostrich. They stole all the monies meant for provision of qualitative and affordable healthcare in their own time in government, while turning around to criticise President Buhari, who has effectively contained the spread of Coronavirus through prompt deployment of resources and effective supervision of implementation process.

“The question begging for answer is, if not that these disgruntled elements are up to some mischief, how come they are claiming not to be aware of what the Federal Government under President Buhari is doing to tame the spread of the virus, while working round the clock to treat and discharge the already infected? Well, their endorsement is immaterial. At least, Nigerians whose interest President Buhari is working to protect are grateful and the international community is praising him”.


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