Civil Societies Organizations Petition Producer Of ‘Fatal Arrogance’ Film

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A Civil Society Organization, Initiative for Coalition and Right Protection has petition the producer of film tittles: “Fatal Arrogance” Kingsley Orji Anosike to stop the production of the film.

The group in a statement signed it’s following  members; J.N Netochkwu Esq,

Hasan Bala Esq, (PhD) Comrade G.C Ekoja,  Comrade Ahmad Shuaib, Prince Adelaja Adeoye, and Miss Mabel Johnson  said, “We the Initiative for Conciliation and Right Protection petition the producer,  Kingsley Orji Anosike to stop the production of a film titled “Fatal Arrogance” that is inimical to the Islamic Movement in Nigeria and its leadership.”

According to them, the film violates the international Laws of Movie production (Defamation Law), noting that the Nollywood, the leading film industry in Nigeria, is widely acknowledged for playing a vital role in entertainment and public entertainment in Nigeria and across the world. But pictures and video clips from the movie  “Fatal Arrogance” want to drag the good name of Nollywood through the mud.

The group while quoting the Report from Sahara  Reporters and other sources confirmed that the film Fatal Arrogance is a mega project by some elements to discredit the Islamic Movement and its leadership. One is left with no doubt that the intention of the script written was to ridicule the Movement and to tag the group a terrorist organisation. All these in their desperation to cover up the crime of Zaria genocide of December 2015. It is a clear campaign of systemic persecution of Shiites and  sectarian discrimination.

“It is important to note that both Amnesty international and the Human Rights Watch have admitted that the Islamic Movement in Nigeria is a peaceful association. Moreover, the Islamic Movement was able to overcome several sinister moves to vilify it by this government; hence, government has never proven any case of crime against the Islamic Movement.  The Islamic Movement has been victorious in the over ten cases it instituted against the government and perpetrators of the Zaria genocide.

“We demand that the producer of Fatal Arrogance be called to order so that the devastating consequences of producing the film will be avoided and the name of the great Nigerian movie industry NollyWood will continue to rise in the world of movies,” the statement read.


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