Christian Clergy Extends Condolences to Muslims After Zaria Central Mosque Collapse 

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By Bello Hamza, Abuja 

Pastor Yohanna Buru, General Overseer of Christ Evangelical and Life Intervention Ministry, Extends Condolences to Muslim Ummah in Northern Nigeria Following Zaria Central Mosque Tragedy”

In a statement issued on August 12, 2023, in the aftermath of the distressing incident that gained widespread attention across newspapers and social media platforms, Pastor Yohanna Buru, the spiritual leader of Christ Evangelical and Life Intervention Ministry, expressed heartfelt condolences to the Muslim community in northern Nigeria.

According to reports, the Zaria Central Mosque in Kaduna state collapsed on Friday, resulting in the tragic loss of at least four lives and leaving seven others injured.

Pastor Yohanna Buru shared his grief and solidarity with Muslims throughout the region, invoking divine blessings upon those who lost their lives in the unfortunate incident. “May their souls find eternal peace, and may God’s mercy welcome them to paradise,” he offered in prayer.

“As Christians, we extend our deepest sympathies to Muslims across Nigeria who are affected by the Zaria mosque collapse,” Pastor Yohanna Buru conveyed.

The Christian clergyman further revealed that he had personally conveyed messages of condolences to his Muslim scholar friends, underscoring the importance of unity and shared prayers for lasting peace in the nation.

Pastor Zigo Aziz, a fellow member of the same church, also joined in extending condolences to the bereaved families affected by the Zaria tragedy. He expressed his sympathy for their loss and extended his heartfelt support to the Muslim community in the northern region.

In a related development, the Emir of Zazzau, Mallam Ahmed Nuhu Bamalli, shared that the victims had been engaged in the Asr prayer, one of the daily Islamic prayers, around 4 pm at the time of the unfortunate incident.

While expressing their shared condolences, the Christian leaders jointly called for peaceful dialogue and diplomatic efforts, urging against military intervention in the return of the former president of Niger Republic, Bazoom.

As both Christians and Muslims unite in grief and solidarity, their collective prayers are directed towards a harmonious and peaceful coexistence within the nation.

“we are one family Under God ”

“our biological parents were Adams and Eve ”

“we all have holy books ”

“we are brothers and sisters “


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