Bauchi CAN Urges Christians To Relate Without Sentiments, Dichotomy

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The Bauchi Catholic Diocese Administrator, Very Rev Father Raphael Agbata, has observed that for progress and development in the propagation of the Gospel, Christians must relate without denominational sentiments and dichotomy.
Rev Father Raphael gave the charge while speaking at the dedication and launching of the maiden almanac/calendar of the Bauchi State chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), held on Sunday, at Bishara Baptist Church, Bauchi.
To this end, he urged Christians in Nigeria generally to unite, come together and have a common purpose on how to tackle the challenges militating against the expansion of Christianity as a religion squarely.
Rev. Father Raphael, taking his reading from 2 Sam 7:2-17, lamented that Christians are suffering today because of a lack of unity and togetherness within the Christian faith.
Agbata lamented that the CAN Secretariat in Bauchi has remained uncompleted for years due to a lack of unity and understanding, stressing that it is only when there is unity of purpose that set objectives can be realised.
He also expressed dismay that all efforts by his leadership to get the abandoned Secretariat completed have proved abortive due to a lack of unity among members divided along denominational lines.
The Reverend Father said, “Just as David strived to build a house for God, Christians in Bauchi must wake up and pull resources together to complete the project at least to redeem the image of Christianity in the state.”
Agbata also called for joining hands with the CAN leadership in the state to provide effective and efficient leadership, without which things will not move forward.
“We should know that there is a positive reward from God when we give cheerfully. God does not look down on givers, no matter how little the gift is. When you give cheerfully, we will receive in many folds.”
“Time has come when we, as Christians, must give from our hearts. We must emulate the spirit of David as King of Israel, who desired to build a befitting house for God. Though he did not, he received the blessing of God for the desire to do so,” he said.
CAN Chairman in Bauchi State, Rev Dr. Abraham Damina Dimeus, earlier lamented that Christians in the state are always shying away from supporting the expansion of the Kingdom of God through a sincere heart of giving.
The CAN Chairman stated that he would not be discouraged but would continue to strive with other members of the EXCO to do their best and leave the rest for God to complete.
Abraham Damina said that the idea of the almanac/calendar was conceived to raise funds for the effective and efficient running of the affairs of CAN.
He also said that he would not be moved by the poor turnout of people for the programme nor deterred from continuing with the focus of the EXCO in moving CAN forward in the state.


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