CSOs Lauds IMN For Creating A Vibrant Political Forum

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By Bello Hamza, Abuja

The Coalition of Civil Society Organizations under Secure Nation-Builders have lauded the effort of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria for creating a political wing, which they call Political Forum and therefore call on Nigerians to adopt its objectives which was centered on national unity and the emancipation of the downtrodden citizens irrespective of their religious, ethnic and political affiliations.

The call was made at a press conference held at Kaduna Central Area Multi-Purpose Hall Kaduna on Monday November 7, 2022 and jointly signed by the Chairman Ameh Allen Christopher and the Secretary of the coalition, Halima Bukar.

The statement acknowledges the development coming from the Islamic Movement in Nigeria with Shia majority adherents for creating a Political Forum. With their solid structure, such a mass movement of millions of people have the capacity to change the equation of the Nigerian political activities as truthfulness, dedication, courage are among their characteristics.

Some of the objectives of the political Forum are made to bridge ethnic divide in Nigeria, Protecting the rights of all Nigerians, facilitating peaceful coexistence and harmony among Nigerians, and to also

ensure equal distribution of Nigerian resources, safeguarding lives and properties of the Nigerian Population, maintaining diplomatic ties and striving towards social justice, sensitization of the public on their rights and responsibilities are among the objectives of the Political Forum of the Islamic movement in Nigeria.

These objectives are what all political struggle should uphold in their quest to clinch to power, it is clear that the leader of the Islamic movement Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky has over the years stick to what he believes as true teachings of Islam, the Sheikh married a Yoruba lady Zeenat Ibraheem, he established an annual programme he named unity week, encourages his disciples to embark on selfless services to their immediate communities in a wide-spread recognition of the need for the unity of the Nigerian people and Africa at large.

In conclusion, the groups call on the Political Forum of the Islamic movement not to support any particular person or party with a bad human right record, bad economic record and bad security record.


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